Kovil kanchipuram idli

Kids today love eating junk food. They choose taste over health all the time. That is why you must make idlies made using Kanchipuram / Kovil idli batter Kanchipuram idlies are an ideal snack for kids. We make no compromise in the taste while making our nutritious batter. You can try making different recipes to make your kids want more of those delicious and healthy idlies.

Healthy Kovil idlies are all you need when you fall sick. The idlies are so light and healthy that they make an incredible dinner for both old people and the sick ones. Moreover, you can make them effortlessly. Our Kovil idli batter is made with utmost care and love. We guarantee that we make it with complete hygiene and safety. You can also make Kanchipuram Rava idlies using the our batter. Adding few chopped vegetables to the batter and topping the idlies up with cashew nuts can make people of all age groups crave them.

The right consistency of our readymade kovil batter makes it easy for you to cook. You can make crispy and delicious dosas in no time using our batter. Most of the time, when the consistency of the batter is not appropriate, your dosa becomes thick and sticky. There are chances idlies become so hard that you can use them to build walls. As funny as it sounds, it is essential to choose the right batter to make proper idlies and dosas.

The basic ingredients of our batter are fermented rice, dal, and water. We ensure that we pick the best quality ingredients to make our product. It is the prime reason why you can count on our product for daily use. Our readymade Kanchipuram idli batter is available throughout the year. Therefore you can buy, store and use it any time of the year. Fast food may be dangerous. Anything you make in minutes can leave you with long-term health issues. However, the batter is totally safe. The fast-moving world we live in does not give time for us to make healthy food every day. We rely on restaurants and instant food every day. It is highly unhealthy and also costs you a fortune. Besides, the taste, quality and the quantity of the food you buy remain a question.

To ease this burden and make a healthy decision for yourself and your family, we suggest you go for Kanchipuram idli batter. Using our batter to make your breakfast, dinner, and snacks every day can certainly help you maintain a balanced diet. The protein and carbohydrates in it make it the best diet for people of all age groups. It is loaded with nutrients. Having it every day gives you the stamina and energy to get through the day.

ragi dosa ka atta

Due to the presence of various nutrients and vitamins, Ragi flour is considered to be a superfood. In work from home culture, there are myriad weight watchers and people who love to stay fit. While maintaining your healthy regime if you are craving light food without compromising on taste then Ragi dosa is the ultimate option. Ragi ka dosa with the help of readymade batter is easy to make even for high school students or people who are staying away from family.

The lightweight Ragi crepe can be consumed without any guilt because very little oil is required in preparation. Ragi has the goodness of antioxidants thus helps in boosting immunity. Ragi is helpful for lactating females. Ragi has an excellent source of Calcium thus perfect for making stronger bones. Having Ragi batter at home will save time and this recipe is instant. The ragi batter is the ultimate quotient even when you have what to make for meal situations? With the help of readymade batter, you could make dosa in minutes. Ragi dosa is the ultimate thing for people who want to have easy digestion meals.

In the good old times, the ragi dosa was a favorite staple in south Karnataka; but the charm of this delicacy disappeared. People are reconsidering having ragi because it has multiple health benefits. The texture of Instant Ragi dosa is crisp. Many households believe preparing thin dosa and variation of vegetables or almonds could also be added. In the technology phase, it is extremely easy to order readymade batter through the online store. Compared to rice flour dosa the ragi is the ultimate option even for people who have problems with diabetes.

As ragi dosa tends to keep you fuller for a longer, this delicacy is the ultimate option for players and athletes. Ragi dosa could be served with many side dips like coriander chutney, coconut chutney, or garlic chutney. Ragi dosa is even good for hair and skin. Adding vegetables like carrots, onion, or tomatoes and a hint of spices will make dosa even tastier. When you consume Ragi dosa there are a high amount of proteins that could be good for the body too. Due to the high fiber content, many south African too like consuming this dish.

The readymade batter is available at the most feasible prices therefore without pinching pockets harder you could be rest assured to get the best meal of the day. Ragi could also be consumed during summers because it has the genuine quality of keeping the body cool for long hours. Worldwide chefs have tried many variations with Ragi dosa the most trending is Ragi Masala onion dosa. To help the ragi dosa stay in good condition it is important to keep it in a cool place. When you purchase readymade batter from an online store then you are given free hand of making payments through various modes. The delivery is done right at your doorsteps.

Instant dosa batter at home

India is a land of food and delights everyone with aromatic cuisines. When health is at risk, many of us prefer to have a light meal. Less oil-cooked food is in need of an hour. Thankfully the fermented foods like Idli or dosa are cooked in less oil without any compromise on taste.

To have a soft and fluffy texture it is important to have the right proportion. It could be a tedious task in soaking and grinding rice and dal in the right proportion. To save the women from all this scene, the organic batter is coming to the rescue. Instant dosa batter at home is the perfect time savior and you don’t need to worry even if you have thought of making south Indian food at the last minute. You just don’t need to worry about anything as the traditional Idli dosa batter is made from handpicked materials. The popularity of Idli or dosa is throughout the world and therefore all good reasons.

Why Idli or dosa is ideal to consume for all ages?

  • Idli or dosa is the easiest thing to digest and thus even a toddler can consume it without any guilt.
  • As no oil or very little oil is required there are no chances of bad cholesterol getting accumulated in our body system.
  • Idli or dosa are flexible with variations. Even if you want to introduce vegetables to your toddler then mix vegetables in the batter of idli. First spread the batter of dosa on the pan then add up vegetables to it. Best instant dosa mix is a perfect thing to have even if you have guests at home.
  • Idli is rich in fiber and proteins. Idli has the potential of keeping tummy full for hours. As Idli is easy to digest, it makes it easy to move around and do any sort of activity without feeling heavy.

As Idli and dosa have the unique taste they are easily loved by kids and toddlers.

There are various unique ways of using topping on the dosa, some of them are as follows:-

Paneer Dosa: usually Paneer is termed as cottage cheese. The combination of these two healthy things will create wonders. You can simply make pieces of paneer or grate them while you have spread the batter on the pan. Dosa batter cost is very feasible and is rest assured to get the best food at an affordable price.

Palak Dosa: Commonly Palak is also known as Spinach. Just boil the top palak leaves, grind it when cools down and then add it into the batter. A combination of leafy vegetables and the organic batter will surely enrich the nutrition value.

Crispy Butter Dosa: Even if you have made last-minute plans, the organic batter is perfect to save your day. The crispy butter dosa with a light sprinkle of coriander is perfect to start the day.

readymade best dosa batter brand

Consuming good food makes the soul happy. In leading a new normal and where physical activities are lesser, choosing a lighter meal is important. Nowadays food that cooks without oil is loved. When it comes to consuming less oil food the first thing that comes to mind is fermented foods.

Gone those days where people had to wait for fermentation. The readymade batter instantaneously solves the hunger pangs. The handpicked ingredients and untouched mechanism in making the batter make this a favorable choice. Whether we talk about the idli or dosa, you could add up a lot of vegetables. Urad dal and rice dosa are whole packed with nutrients. The online dosa batter is readymade and perfect to save time.

Dosa and Idli are favorable snack options worldwide. There are a lot of variations like you could add up cheese, butter, or noodles to your favorite dosa. Even if you are working from home and want to satisfy cravings instantaneously then the readymade batter will save your day. On the online store, the readymade batter is available at very feasible prices. This batter has no preservative or soda. Best dosa batter brand has all the right proportion that makes it easy to prepare dosa. According to the taste buds, you could make in pan thick or thin dosa. Dosa also has carbohydrates and low in fat and calories. The cylindrical shape dosa is often called the pancake of India. Dosa contains the essential Vitamin C. Dosa tastes good when served hot. 

To make this snack more healthy, you can add up oats or almonds. As Idli is light for the tummy it is the perfect go-to option for every age group. Having ready-made batter at home and making dosa on pan could be the perfect thing to serve even if you have last-minute guests at home.

The invention of Idli was done years ago, to date has remained to be one of favorite delicacies. The prime advantage of Idli it is steamed and not fried. The readymade best dosa batter brand is trusted by many households for daily needs.

Idli and dosa are served with coconut chutney and sambhar. The sambhar has dal and lots of vegetables which is also an excellent source of getting proteins and nutrients. When the dosas are finally done, the texture is finally crisp.

To get the best batter, you don’t need to wander from pillar to post. When you order readymade batter from the online store the delivery will be done right at doorsteps. To ensure the longevity of the batter it is important to preserve the batter in a cool and dry place. As Idli is fluffy and soft it is also safe for toddlers who have started eating foods. Idli and dosa are extremely delicious. The readymade batter is made in extremely healthy and hygienic conditions.

Nutritious Adai Dosa

Having a nutritious meal in a day is a need of an hour. With Pandemic spreading wings faster and staying at home becoming a necessity, the lighter meal is advised by many nutritionists. India has a plethora of options but Adai dosa is my favorite one. The prime benefit of Adai dosa is high in fiber and easy to digest. In the good olden days, a lot of time was spent soaking and grinding. The modern innovation of readymade batter saves all that hassles. With the help of readymade batter, the dosa can be made in minutes.

The online store has the best batter and goodness of all ingredients. To save time and effort, nowadays the Adai dosa is becoming every home favorite. Usually, this dish is served with variants of dips often known as chutneys. You can have this dosa with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, or peanut chutney. Adai dosai is ideal for pregnant female or lactating women. Adai readymade batter makes it is easy to prepare the dosa even when you have guests at home. To make it sustainable for a longer period it is vital to preserving the batter in a cool and dry place. Adai dosa is simple and doesn’t require much time in the cooking of the dosa. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner you could simply rely on making Adai dosa. This delicacy has all the flavors that you need for leading a healthy lifestyle. Right from adults to children, Adai dosa could be simply favorite of everyone. To make your tummy full you could add up variant of vegetables. This is a protein-rich recipe and is mostly preferred by people on diet. Adai nutrition is higher therefore it could be preferred for many people out there. When you buy Adai dosa online the yummiest taste is assured. Adai dosa is loaded completely with proteins. As in the making of Adai dosa little oil is required thus heart-friendly.

Adai recipe without rice is the preferred choice for people looking out for a protein-rich diet with no carbohydrates. Usually, a thin dosa is made for consumption however thick dosa is also many people's choice. Adai dosa has become a prominent cooking item and having readymade batter will save you from all that hassles. There are numerous adai health benefits and even after so many years, the affection for the dosa remains the same. In readymade batter you will find the same authentic taste that Adai gives. You just need to place an order and the delivery will be given to you on the stipulated time committed. With the help of readymade batter, Adai dosa is the quickest thing to make thus a most suitable option even for working females. The readymade batter has all the ingredients therefore there is no stress of adding anything.

Suji Idli Batter

We might have traveled bounds and leaps in the world but one thing that distinguishes India from other countries is amazing delicacies. Right from secret home-guarded recipes to the most popular ones, India is the hub of taste and flavors. Though there are various breakfast variants, Rava Idli is one of the most preferred choices. Rava has the natural goodness of Vitamin B and E, fiber, minerals, and nutrients. 

The delicacy of Rava Idli is very easy to make and digest. In the readymade Rava idli batter, there is a good amount of magnesium and calcium that helps in building stronger bones. Rava idli is light and doesn’t give a bloated feel. Idli batter using idli rava is good to keep you full for longer hours and thus resists you mid-munching. Many nutritionists suggest that the consumption of Rava idli is ideal for new mothers because it has a good amount of prolactin. Idli batter with rava has a good amount of magnesium, iron, and zinc. Having readymade batter is the savior of busy or lazy days. In the tech-savvy world, it is much easier to get batter at home by ordering through an online store. Rava idli is soft therefore could also be consumed even by senior citizens who have chewing problems or toddlers just introduced to food.

Rava idli home cooking is the best food because it is prepared with very less amount of oil. Throughout the years, The invention of Rava idli was done in Asian country and slowly the love for it started spreading worldwide. To amp up the taste more you could even add up butter or cheese. Instant rice rava idli has wholesome goodness and available to you at the most feasible prices. Rava Idli batter should be consumed within the date provided and often should be stored at a cool place. Rava Idli batter has uncompromised quality and quantity. This thing makes it more essential to have the batter reserved in the fridge.  A good mechanism and technique that is preservative-free are used in making this batter. As this delicacy is filling, you can even offer it to your guests coming at home. Rava idli has wholesome goodness thus it could be an ideal option even for patients recovering from illness. The infusion of Rava in the batter makes it perfect for consumption even for fitness enthusiastic people.

When you buy this batter from an online store, you are given complete leverage of making payments through various different modes. The rava idli batter is delivered right at your doorsteps. Rava idli is very low in salt, with no fear of transfats or bad cholesterol thus it is ideal for people having a huge appetite. 


India is never short of cuisines and dishes having aromatic flavors. Given recent times and pandemic hitting human life badly, each of us is looking out to stay fit and healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal and people should never skip it. Too much oily stuff in breakfast could lead to gas problems. Eating healthy and nutritious meals is important.

When you don’t want to compromise on taste and at the same time have a protein-packed meal then Rava idli is the best option. It is a minute job to make instant Suji Idli with the help of readymade batter. This dish is so flexible that you could add up variations. To enhance the taste, you could add tomatoes, onion, carrots, or peas. With the help of readymade batter and make your meals more fuller, you could even try making masala Rava idli. If you wish to pamper your taste buds; by adding up flavors of spices according to the choice. The right amount of proportion in the readymade batter is perfect to make your idli recipe plan successful. Rava has no bad cholesterol, transfats, or fatty acids therefore it could be consumed in a guilt-free manner. This batter is available at an online store so there is no need of stepping out as you can order this batter through the e-commerce store.

Many females make Rava idli with Eno. this step is to add extra fluffiness to idlis. Rava idli also has the goodness of magnesium, zinc, and calcium thus boost strong bone health. The readymade batter is free from any kind of preservatives and a ton for consumption. Many fitness experts believe that consumption of idli during breakfast is vital for metabolism as it is made from durum wheat. Suji idli is ideal for toddlers or new mothers because this recipe has multiple nutrients. Rava or Masala idli could be served with multiple side dips like coconut, tomato, or peanut chutney. With measured proportions of Rava idli, it is much easier to transfer into a mold and prepare it. Quick idli recipe is now possible even for high grades students staying far from home. It is also rich in carbohydrate contents and promoting metabolism levels.

The recipes of India are famous worldwide and the most preferred is Rava Idli. Having the readymade batter is a blessing to save your time especially when you are working from home. It has rich content of iron thus ideal for patients even suffering from anemia. It has an adequate amount of Vitamin B and E thus this dish is ideal for weight watchers and fitness admirers. Without giving you feel of being bloated this dish is perfect to start the day and get a protein-packed meal. It is important to preserve the rava idli batter in a cool place.


Light meals are much preferred when the situation demands to work from home. Adai dosa doesn't give you the feel of being bloated or acidity problems throughout the day then Adai dosa is very much favorable to make a day. It is lentil dosa and thus consumed in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The readymade batter is a perfectly suitable option even if you have got last-minute plans.

Adai dosa is much healthiest option for the heart and high in fiber. As this dosa has the ingredient of lentils, this dosa is rich in folic acid. In the batter, there is a mixture of rice and dal. When you buy readymade batter there are handpicked ingredients and the machining process is done which makes it completely safe to consume right from the toddler to adults. Many of us might be wondering how to make adai batter; the readymade batter has proper proportion.

When the preparation of Adai dosa is done on the pan the texture of it is crisp. The infusion of Chana dal in the batter has a high amount of potassium. The best part of Adai batter preparation dosa is less oil is required in the preparation of this dosa. People on diet or who have diabetes could simply eat this dosa without worrying about anything. In the making of dosa, a lot of fusion has been tried. You could top up Adai dosa with your choice of vegetables or cheese, butter on it. Dosa has the potential of keeping you full for longer hours and giving energy to the body.

Gone those days where a lot of time women had to spend soaking and grinding batter now days to save from all this hassle, the readymade batter makes it much easy to prepare the dosa. To get Indian aroma and flavor, you could sprinkle coriander leaves on the dosa. It is a south Indian dish but slowly and gradually love for it is spreading like wildfire. Adai dosa holds a high amount of nutrition value: therefore, this dosa is affectionate than plain dosa. You feel that the batter of dosa is a little bit spicy than the plain batter. Now a day’s it’s become very much easy to obtain Adai dosa batter online store. The delivery of the same is done right at your doorsteps. Adai dosa is filling and best served with Tomato chutney. Adai batter price is much feasible and without worrying you can buy this batter that keeps you full for a longer period.

To preserve the freshness of batter there are dates provided on the packet it is important to use the batter within the dates provided. To ensure the freshness, keep the batter at cool place. When Adai dosa is on the pan you have complete upper hand on making your own version, you could add up vegetables on the dosa. To enhance this delicacy you could even add up butter or cheese when the dosa is ready.


Food is the necessary element to get all the essential vitamins, energy, and minerals in the body. Accurate food choices ensure the longevity of life. Ragi is becoming a shining star for all food lovers who love to stay fit without compromising taste.

Weight-conscious people without any guilt could consume ragi. It is an excellent substitute for rice. It is rich in calcium and lowers cholesterol levels. Instant Ragi dosa is healthy and fit for consumption. While making dosa it is vital to note the proper proportion of the readymade batter will save all hassle. With the help of readymade batter, it is extremely easy to prepare nachni dosa. It is also helpful for digestion and lactation. Throughout the years, it’s being an excellent mate for people who are weight watchers. It has the goodness of boosting iron and gives excellent bone strength.

In the work from home culture, when you want to quickly resolve the hunger pangs a ragi dosa batter is the ultimate option. To add in more goodness you could even add up vegetables and almonds. When you consume dosa you are rest assured to get a protein-packed meal. It has antioxidants that help fight against any kind of infection. It has the ultimate capability of keeping you fuller for a longer period thus you could save yourself from overeating. Ragi dosa ingredients have a high amount of fiber which will help in easy digestion and you don't get a constipated feel.

Getting the readymade ragi batter will solve all your problems of cravings and hunger pangs. To give the treat to taste buds you could even add up the aroma of different spices. When you start preparing the dosa, grease the pan with some oil then you are ready to make thick or thin dosa according to requirements. The dosa is also safe for toddlers and an ideal option for lighter consumption. As there is good food intake, toddlers could also stay active for hours. The prime benefit of having Ragi dosa is that they are rich in magnesium and excellent for people having problems with diabetes. The intake of Ragi helps in building strong bones and teeth thus many fitness players and athletes prefer having this dosa. When you order readymade batter through the online store, it becomes extremely easy to obtain it right at your doorsteps. Ragi dosa could be served with a lot of side dips like coconut chutney, garlic chutney, peanut sauce, or tomato ketchup. The readymade ragi dosa batter is gluten-free and contains no preservatives.

In the earlier times, ragi was only consumed by south Karnataka but later the popularity aroused to another level. As this food is instantaneously digestible it could be also a good help for people recovering from illness. Ragi dosa has rich contents of iron thus it also helpful for people having anemia. The readymade batter is helpful in zillion ways as you could consume your favorite dosa at any time of day.


Food is of course something that keeps the body going. Food is like fuel for the human body. A lot depends on the food choices and consumption when it comes to daily performance. To add up essential nutrients and vitamins choosing the right meal is important. When we talk about Indian delicacies, Idli is worth not being missed. Without compromise on taste, the perfect Idli dosa batter is perfect to solve your hunger pangs.

When you are looking for instant recipes that could solve your purpose in minutes, the south Indian dosa batter is the perfect quotient to everything. A good amount of rice and urad dal is used in the making of dosa which means that your body will get all nutritive value and vitamins. Though in the making of idli or dosa there are many variations of recipes the good part is still a very little amount of oil is required. The proportion for Idli dosa batter is fair enough to give a perfect crisp dosa. It could be served with many siders like coconut chutney, coriander chutney, or sambhar. These siders like sambhar have the goodness of lentils and vegetables and vital to give you that protein-packed meal.

Idli and dosa batter helps save your time from the entire fermentation and gets ready easily even for the last minute call of hunger. It is soft and fluffy thus it could be eaten in tension freeway even for the toddler who has just started eating a meal. One could eat idlis without any guilt or free because Idli or dosa don’t have bad fats, cholesterol, or saturated fats provided idli is cooked most simply. The readymade batter has handpicked ingredients and one doesn’t need to worry about the preservative part too. It has dietary fiber which makes it very easy to digest. Without giving the feeling of bloated, Idli gives the energy to our body to function for hours.

Chefs, homemakers, or food lovers praise consuming Idli and dosa because there is always the free hand of implying multiple variations like vegetables, cheese, or butter In Idli or dosa, many people also prefer adding up oats, almonds, and other nuts to make it a more healthy meal. In times of pandemic when you are not able to step out of your homes, ordering Idli and dosa batter through an online batterstore is considered the most preferred choice. The delivery is done right at the doorsteps. To ensure the longevity of this batter it is important to preserve it cool place and use it before the date of expiry. Earlier this south Indian meal was only considered in breakfast but now due to lighter meal requirements, Idli and dosa could be consumed at any time of day or night. To get the readymade batter you will not need to pinch your pockets harder as the same could be availed to you at feasible prices. Compared to all other fried foods, they are the healthiest choices.

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