Food choices help us to make our bodies function properly. India is a land where you get distinctive aroma and flavors. With so many options available mind often gets baffled about what to eat? Adai dosa is turning out to be a new favorite. Make Adai batter is made out of the alluring combination of rice and dals which is very healthy.

Like the normal dosa even in the Adai dosa soaking and grinding part is compulsory. It is important to know the right proportion. To save your day and making the cooking of Adai dosa simple, the ready-made batter is coming to our quick help. The prime benefit of Adai dosa is that without giving any gas or bloated feel this dosa is filling. As there is a combination of multiple dals, the goodness of Adai dosa is note-worthy. It is safe to consume for all ages. There are multiple ways on how Adai dosa is served. This favorite south Indian snack is served with coconut chutney, peanut Chutney, or tomato chutney.

Compared to the normal dosa, you will feel that dosa is a little bit spicy. It is highly nutritious you will feel like consuming this dosa again and again. According to taste preferences, you could decide for its consistency whether you want to go for thick or thin dosa.

The readymade batter will make your cooking Adai dosa most simple. After dosa is ready to consume you could top up lots of butter and cheese. It is generally a variation to the traditional dosa. The wholesome goodness cannot be missed.

Gone those days wherein you had to step out of the house to buy Adai Dosa Batter. The availability of batter throughout the online store and delivery right at a time will save your day. Keeping in mind the hygiene standards, the readymade batter has handpicked ingredients and is made with all parameters. It doesn’t have bad cholesterol thus this snack is heart-friendly. The Adai batter ingredients have the goodness of toor dal, urad dal, chana dal, and rice make this delicacy a perfect one. Even if you have last-minute guests at home, Adai dosa can be considered out to be the perfect snack to offer to your guests. Adai dosa recipe is simple and you could tuck up a lot of vegetables in it and as per your taste buds.

It is easy to add upon lot of variations this recipe is even welcomed by chefs all around the world. This delicacy has its own charm and makes it easy to try out something new when it comes to topping. Having the batter in the fridge makes the cooking job very much easy and delighting. You can enjoy this meal even with tomato ketchup or cheese dips. This is the quickest way to solve your hunger pangs too and give your taste buds an interesting meal. Making dosa is simple with Adai Dosa batter.


Dosa is a famous South Indian cuisine, similarly like idli. Idli and dosa are such dishes that are well-known in South India and throughout India. Idli is known to easy and comfortable steamed foods, whereas dosa are a more easy-going option. Many people eat this typical dish of South India for breakfast and dinner. They make a mouth-watering snack for people who are into healthy diets as they are rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

How should you select the perfect instant dosa and idli batter mix?

Nowadays, packs of ragi idli with idli batter or dosa batter mix are available all over India. The instant idli and dosa mix has each and every essential ingredient in the right proportion. With this instant and readily available dosa and idli batter mix, you can quickly prepare the dishes. Just by adding water in the correct quantity, you need to mix them properly. You can quickly spread them on a hot steamer or dosa and idli maker and prepare them. Sometimes you may need to sprinkle some water and add a little salt in the beginning. The taste along with the texture of the instant dosa or idli is excellent. You will find 1 kg, 500 gm, packs. Remember checking the expiry date before buying instant ragi dosa batter online or even from a local store.

What are the culinary uses of the instant batter mix?

With an instant mix, you can prepare ragi dosa with dosa batter or idli. You can enjoy them in your breakfasts or have them as snacks with hot chutney, sambar, etc. Some mixtures of few crushed dry spices like milagai podi can also be dressing for this dish eaten. You can use the instant idli batter to make masala, stuffed, and fried idli. Similarly, with ragi dosa fermented mix, you can make masala and stuffed dosa like panner dosa. You can add onions, tomato, chilies, coconut, and cheese to improve the taste and add some variation to your regular meal. You can also stuff them with some veggies, chickens, and sauce and thus be creative. If you enjoy having a burger, you can try out making an idli burger too. You can also steam the idli by wrapping them in banana or jack-fruit leaves.

Should you include idli and dosa in your meal?

Individuals who come with intolerance to gluten or allergies to wheat will be finding idli and dosa to be an excellent addition to their diet. With instant pack mix, you can prepare the dish very fast and with any hassle at your home, anytime you want. It may be lacking some extra health benefits of the process of fermentation. Still, instant dosa and idli mixes include a well-balanced combination of protein and carbohydrates, lentils, and rice. Thus they aid to prepare a fast, convenient and healthy meal.

So get hold of an instant batter mix, roast the dosa with oil, butter, or ghee and have them crisp and hot with sambar and chutney. On the other hand, add some coconut chutney and veggies while serving idli.


Fermented foods have their benefits and are known for years. Idli and dosa are rising to a different level with the variations of flavors given. This item is a favorite from kids to people who love to consume light meals. The presence of this dish is throughout the years.

In the making of Idli or dosa, one has to soak rice and urad dal. In the earlier days lot of time had to be invested in the soaking and preparation of idli and dosa batter. Nowadays, the scene is different; organic dosa batter at home recipe fulfils all your needs. If you have a guest at home or have a last-minute food craving, then Idli and dosa batter is all there for you.

Benefits of consuming Idli or dosa for children

  • It has a good amount of fiber content which makes it easy to digest.
  • It doesn't require oil which doesn't give any stress of obesity.
  • These are both filing and will give energy to kids to play for a longer period of time.

Why purchase organic Idli and dosa batter?

  1. When you purchase good quality Idli and dosa batter, there is no soda or preservatives. The organic handpicked ingredients are yet another advantage of having Idli and dosa batter.
  2. Women of today do perform multiple tasks; therefore, having readymade batter could save a lot of time, and delicious meals are prepared in minutes.
  3. If guests are already at home to give you a surprise, then a perfect Idli recipe and dosa is the better option.
  4. These are filling with the help of ready made batter, you can prepare them anytime.
  5. Idli and dosa do have the goodness of vitamin B12, which is very helpful to build up immunity.
  6. These are free from chemicals or oil; therefore, even an infant can have Idli.
  7. Idli recipe instant is also favorable for any kind of last-minute plans at home.
  8. Measurement of dosa batter is perfect and offers a great taste for consumption.

How flexible are Idli and dosa?

Many chefs and homemakers worldwide love to prepare this dish; it can be topped up with lots of vegetables. The steam idli or dosa is generally served with coconut chutney and sambhar. In both Idli and dosa, you can have your toppings.  

Even you can have it with loads of cheese and butter. According to taste buds many kids or adults enjoy having dosa or Idli with different style of dips and spread.

The organic batter comes at feasible prices without pinching your pockets harder; a healthy snack is ready for consumption.

The making of this recipe is very much easy at a time from the idli mold stand. One could easily make more than ten idlis. According to your taste buds, you could choose the variations of sizes. The organic batter is crafted from natural techniques and free from chemicals.


Food and nutrition play a vital role in our health. India has a treasure trove of variations of flavours, aromas, and breakfast cuisines. Out of all idli and dosa is considered as healthiest one. There are myriad ways this healthy snack is prepared. This healthy snack is suitable for all age groups. The batter is made with the help of a proportion of Rice and urad dal for dosa.

Earlier times where tedious for making Idli or dosa. One needs to know the right proportion and quantity of rice and urad dal for making batter ready. On average, a woman had to spend many hours making this batter ready. In modern times the idli and dosa batter readymade saves a lot of time of preparation. The organic dosa batter has no soda or preservatives. Nowadays, the woman of the house no need to waste time, the organic batter makes the job easy in making in minutes.

Why is Idli and Dosa consumption beneficial for health?

  1. Notable amount of fiber and protein is present in this healthy snack. Perfect Idli Batter recipe has good and selected ingredients that will keep your tummy full for a longer period.
  2. They are easy to digest and due to high amount of iron content it's widely preferred.
  3. Idli and Dosa are served with chutney and sambhar. Chutney has crushed coconut content, and sambhar is made from dal loaded with vegetables.
  4. Compared to other dishes, you don't need to put any spices. To treat your taste buds, you can do an infusion of vegetables in the batter and then could make Idli.
  5. It contain no saturated fats, which is another plus advantage of consuming this meal. As this snack doesn't have cholesterol, it could be a very easy thing for your digestive system too.

What are variations that one could try in making of Idli and dosa?

Did you know that Idli and dosa do have a presence in many countries? Many people believe that the origin of these fermented foods came first from Indonesia. Right from ancient times to make a considerate, whole meal, In dosa, vegetables are added.

It is flexible, and when they are on the pan, you can simply add up anything. Adding cooked noodles or boiled pasta are some of the variations that are being added up in recipes. The density and size of the dosa are also as per the taste buds. Many people believe in having thick while others prefer having thin dosa.

The organic dosa batter has wholesome goodness and freshness. This batter is made out of hygienic methods, and the excellent quality of ingredients induced makes this meal ideal for consumption. Moreover, the organic batter comes to you at feasible prices. If a person wants to have a light meal, then Idli or dosa could be consumed at any time of the day.

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