Light meals are much preferred when the situation demands to work from home. Adai dosa doesn't give you the feel of being bloated or acidity problems throughout the day then Adai dosa is very much favorable to make a day. It is lentil dosa and thus consumed in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The readymade batter is a perfectly suitable option even if you have got last-minute plans.

Adai dosa is much healthiest option for the heart and high in fiber. As this dosa has the ingredient of lentils, this dosa is rich in folic acid. In the batter, there is a mixture of rice and dal. When you buy readymade batter there are handpicked ingredients and the machining process is done which makes it completely safe to consume right from the toddler to adults. Many of us might be wondering how to make adai batter; the readymade batter has proper proportion.

When the preparation of Adai dosa is done on the pan the texture of it is crisp. The infusion of Chana dal in the batter has a high amount of potassium. The best part of Adai batter preparation dosa is less oil is required in the preparation of this dosa. People on diet or who have diabetes could simply eat this dosa without worrying about anything. In the making of dosa, a lot of fusion has been tried. You could top up Adai dosa with your choice of vegetables or cheese, butter on it. Dosa has the potential of keeping you full for longer hours and giving energy to the body.

Gone those days where a lot of time women had to spend soaking and grinding batter now days to save from all this hassle, the readymade batter makes it much easy to prepare the dosa. To get Indian aroma and flavor, you could sprinkle coriander leaves on the dosa. It is a south Indian dish but slowly and gradually love for it is spreading like wildfire. Adai dosa holds a high amount of nutrition value: therefore, this dosa is affectionate than plain dosa. You feel that the batter of dosa is a little bit spicy than the plain batter. Now a day’s it’s become very much easy to obtain Adai dosa batter online store. The delivery of the same is done right at your doorsteps. Adai dosa is filling and best served with Tomato chutney. Adai batter price is much feasible and without worrying you can buy this batter that keeps you full for a longer period.

To preserve the freshness of batter there are dates provided on the packet it is important to use the batter within the dates provided. To ensure the freshness, keep the batter at cool place. When Adai dosa is on the pan you have complete upper hand on making your own version, you could add up vegetables on the dosa. To enhance this delicacy you could even add up butter or cheese when the dosa is ready.

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