How Dosa and Idli are your perfect Healthy snack partner
  December 14, 2021
Instant dosa batter at home

India is a land of food and delights everyone with aromatic cuisines. When health is at risk, many of us prefer to have a light meal. Less oil-cooked food is in need of an hour. Thankfully the fermented foods like Idli or dosa are cooked in less oil without any compromise on taste.

To have a soft and fluffy texture it is important to have the right proportion. It could be a tedious task in soaking and grinding rice and dal in the right proportion. To save the women from all this scene, the organic batter is coming to the rescue. Instant dosa batter at home is the perfect time savior and you don’t need to worry even if you have thought of making south Indian food at the last minute. You just don’t need to worry about anything as the traditional Idli dosa batter is made from handpicked materials. The popularity of Idli or dosa is throughout the world and therefore all good reasons.

Why Idli or dosa is ideal to consume for all ages?

  • Idli or dosa is the easiest thing to digest and thus even a toddler can consume it without any guilt.
  • As no oil or very little oil is required there are no chances of bad cholesterol getting accumulated in our body system.
  • Idli or dosa are flexible with variations. Even if you want to introduce vegetables to your toddler then mix vegetables in the batter of idli. First spread the batter of dosa on the pan then add up vegetables to it. Best instant dosa mix is a perfect thing to have even if you have guests at home.
  • Idli is rich in fiber and proteins. Idli has the potential of keeping tummy full for hours. As Idli is easy to digest, it makes it easy to move around and do any sort of activity without feeling heavy.

As Idli and dosa have the unique taste they are easily loved by kids and toddlers.

There are various unique ways of using topping on the dosa, some of them are as follows:-

Paneer Dosa: usually Paneer is termed as cottage cheese. The combination of these two healthy things will create wonders. You can simply make pieces of paneer or grate them while you have spread the batter on the pan. Dosa batter cost is very feasible and is rest assured to get the best food at an affordable price.

Palak Dosa: Commonly Palak is also known as Spinach. Just boil the top palak leaves, grind it when cools down and then add it into the batter. A combination of leafy vegetables and the organic batter will surely enrich the nutrition value.

Crispy Butter Dosa: Even if you have made last-minute plans, the organic batter is perfect to save your day. The crispy butter dosa with a light sprinkle of coriander is perfect to start the day.

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