Kanchipuram Idli is the best go to snack that is healthy and nutritious
  December 14, 2021
Kovil kanchipuram idli

Kids today love eating junk food. They choose taste over health all the time. That is why you must make idlies made using Kanchipuram / Kovil idli batter Kanchipuram idlies are an ideal snack for kids. We make no compromise in the taste while making our nutritious batter. You can try making different recipes to make your kids want more of those delicious and healthy idlies.

Healthy Kovil idlies are all you need when you fall sick. The idlies are so light and healthy that they make an incredible dinner for both old people and the sick ones. Moreover, you can make them effortlessly. Our Kovil idli batter is made with utmost care and love. We guarantee that we make it with complete hygiene and safety. You can also make Kanchipuram Rava idlies using the our batter. Adding few chopped vegetables to the batter and topping the idlies up with cashew nuts can make people of all age groups crave them.

The right consistency of our readymade kovil batter makes it easy for you to cook. You can make crispy and delicious dosas in no time using our batter. Most of the time, when the consistency of the batter is not appropriate, your dosa becomes thick and sticky. There are chances idlies become so hard that you can use them to build walls. As funny as it sounds, it is essential to choose the right batter to make proper idlies and dosas.

The basic ingredients of our batter are fermented rice, dal, and water. We ensure that we pick the best quality ingredients to make our product. It is the prime reason why you can count on our product for daily use. Our readymade Kanchipuram idli batter is available throughout the year. Therefore you can buy, store and use it any time of the year. Fast food may be dangerous. Anything you make in minutes can leave you with long-term health issues. However, the batter is totally safe. The fast-moving world we live in does not give time for us to make healthy food every day. We rely on restaurants and instant food every day. It is highly unhealthy and also costs you a fortune. Besides, the taste, quality and the quantity of the food you buy remain a question.

To ease this burden and make a healthy decision for yourself and your family, we suggest you go for Kanchipuram idli batter. Using our batter to make your breakfast, dinner, and snacks every day can certainly help you maintain a balanced diet. The protein and carbohydrates in it make it the best diet for people of all age groups. It is loaded with nutrients. Having it every day gives you the stamina and energy to get through the day.

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