Why Adai dosa should be your favorite meal choice
  February 9, 2022
Multilentil adai batter

Food has a direct correlation with your healthy lifestyle. In the land of delicacies and flavors, you can get myriad options. When it comes to the perfect balance of taste and health, Adai dosa is worth not to be missed. The recipe of Adai dosa batter is simple and you don’t need much effort to make the dosa after having readymade batter. Compared to the plain ones, they are made of various mixed lentils and rice combinations. As these dosas are light for our body system we can prefer eating them at any time of the day.

The more zealous part of the dosa is that they are heart-friendly. If you wish to avoid all the hassles of soaking and grinding then the readymade batter is amazing to have at home. The handpicked ingredients, robust technology, and right consistency ensure that there is no compromise on taste. In the Pandemic, the much better way is to get this readymade batter is through the online store. The best part is even if you are busy with your routine schedule; you just don’t need to ponder anywhere. The delivery of the readymade batter is done right at your doorsteps. The making of Adai dosa batter is done with proper robust technology and there are no preservatives.

In the good olden days, Adai dosa was just a south Indian breakfast recipe, nowadays the love for this dosa is spread like wildfire. According to taste buds and liking, you could even add multiple vegetables. Many of us may get jumbled up with the question of how to prepare adai dosa batter? You could add up butter or cheese to enhance the taste more. When you are juggling up with your kitchen chores and work, having the readymade batter makes the job easier. In minutes you could your dosa is done. Dosa is good if you are craving while working from home and keeping your tummy full.

According to preferences, there could be different variations of sizes. The consistency of readymade batter makes it even easier. In the cooking of Adai dosa, a very less amount of oil is needed. Compared to normal dosa, you will feel that Adai dosa is a little bit spicy. When the dosa is made you will feel that this dosa is crispy. Generally, this dosa is preferred to be a little thicker. As this meal is considered to be a lighter one, it could be eaten during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Making this thick dosa is extremely easy as the readymade batter is made considering all the proportions.

Consumption of Adai dosa is ideal even for pregnant females. The high amount of fiber present in Adai dosa ensures that you don’t face any problems with constipation. The yummy taste of Adai dosa is not to be missed.

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