how rava idli readymade batter is your ultimate hunger savior
  May 17, 2021

Covid 19 Pandemic fear has taught us how keeping health good is vital for survival. While working from home if you want instant food solutions then instant Rava idli is perfect to save your day. Rava idli readymade batter can provide you with good health benefits and saves time from cooking.

Rava also known as Sooji and Semolina is a prime ingredient found in every Indian household mainly for everyday south Indian breakfast. Breakfast made from Sooji is considered a wholesome breakfast option for everyone, it's not only good for your stomach but also your overall health. It keeps your blood pressure controlled, heart rate checked, manages your weight, and so on. Idli batter with Idli Rava has no preservatives.

Keeps your belly full & loaded with energy:

It's digests very slowly in your body, hence it will keep your belly full for a longer time you don't feel the urge to snack often. It's boosts your carbohydrates which is essential for an individual who is performing high-energy tasks, it helps you to avoid unnecessary lethargy in your body and will keep you energetic for a long period. Idli Recipe with Idli Rava is soft and can be consumed by every age group.    

  • Help immunity:

Fibers and Vitamins present in rava are good for your immune system, majorly by providing vitamin B & E which helps your immune system. Rava idli online helps keep the heart healthy.

  • Fights Anemia:

It is high in iron, which is important to prevent anemia. With the help of Iron available in sooji, you can take sufficient iron to enhance your blood circulation and give you energy all day long.

  • Support Nervous System:

The nervous system plays a crucial role in our overall mental and physical well being, so it's important to feed your system with some healthy food. Poor function of the nervous system can lead to various disorders and infections. Having a rich amount of magnesium, zinc, and phosphorous, the content of sooji present in the batter helps to prevent and avoid various nervous system-related disorders and infections. 

  • Heart Benefits:

It is the best snack for people suffering from heart & cholesterol-related problems. It makes an ideal ingredient to be added to your diet to avoid or prevent any heart and high cholesterol problems.

  • Partner in weight loss:

The High number of protein and fiber elements present in sooji will keep your stomach full for a very long time. Crispy Rava dosa without any additions is rich in folate, thiamine, and Vitamin B. It's kills those snacking time, avoiding mid-time hunger, and becomes your partner to reach your weight loss target.

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