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  May 22, 2021

Kanchipuram is a district in Tamilnadu that is famous for several things such as ancient temples, architecture, silk, and more. Of all the things it is well-known for, the one that makes it unique is its food. The most loved food is their idli. It has its own fan base. Many snacks and dishes might come and go but idly stands incomparable. Its nutritional value, ability to taste incredible with any side dish, and its quick-to-do recipe are the reasons that make it an all-time favourite dish for Indians. If you are looking for a healthy and tasty snack, the best place to stop by is a Kanchipuram idli shop. It stands out from the idlies made in other parts of Tamil Nadu. Its specialty is not just something to do with its looks but also with the ingredients.

The famous Kanchipuram idli is an asset that our ancestors left behind for us. The famous Kanchipuram idli has a plethora of nutritional goodness. You can use the Kanchipuram idli batter to make fluffy idlies and crispy dosas. Cutting off fat from your daily diet becomes easy when you switch to idlis made with this batter for breakfast. Idlies are dishes made by steaming. Therefore, they make an excellent light breakfast. Eating idli or dosa with healthy side dishes can make a good evening snack.

The best thing about the dish is that it is ready-to-make. You can buy and store the batter in your refrigerator for nearly a week and make it whenever you want. The best thing about Kanchipuram dosa batter is that you can count on it for nutritional benefits. While most of the food items you buy from shops are utterly unhealthy, our batter stands out as a nutrition provider. Idlies and dosas made with our batter give you enough carbohydrates to deal with a tiring day. The dal in our batter provides you good protein that helps build your muscles. It is best for kids because they are the ones that need more energy throughout the day. You can make a nutritious snack in no time by using our product.

It might sound like it is no big deal. However, if your batter is not good, it might ruin everything. If the ingredients of the batter do not mix right, or if the consistency of the batter is not appropriate, you cannot make quality dosas or idlies. Sometimes, the batter ferments more than it should and starts to taste sour. However, the Kanchipuram dosa batter will keep you away from such inconveniences. The quality of our product is top-notch because we make no compromises when it comes down to quality. Every grain of dal and rice used to make the batter is hand-selected. We ensure we make every procedure of production with utmost hygiene and care. Have you ever noticed how your hunger magically vanishes when your grandmother is home? Well, we make our Kanchipuram dosa batter with the touch of our grannies. It will help bid goodbye to your hunger at any time and in any place.

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