what makes idli and dosa a fascinating meal option
  June 2, 2021

Food is of course something that keeps the body going. Food is like fuel for the human body. A lot depends on the food choices and consumption when it comes to daily performance. To add up essential nutrients and vitamins choosing the right meal is important. When we talk about Indian delicacies, Idli is worth not being missed. Without compromise on taste, the perfect Idli dosa batter is perfect to solve your hunger pangs.

When you are looking for instant recipes that could solve your purpose in minutes, the south Indian dosa batter is the perfect quotient to everything. A good amount of rice and urad dal is used in the making of dosa which means that your body will get all nutritive value and vitamins. Though in the making of idli or dosa there are many variations of recipes the good part is still a very little amount of oil is required. The proportion for Idli dosa batter is fair enough to give a perfect crisp dosa. It could be served with many siders like coconut chutney, coriander chutney, or sambhar. These siders like sambhar have the goodness of lentils and vegetables and vital to give you that protein-packed meal.

Idli and dosa batter helps save your time from the entire fermentation and gets ready easily even for the last minute call of hunger. It is soft and fluffy thus it could be eaten in tension freeway even for the toddler who has just started eating a meal. One could eat idlis without any guilt or free because Idli or dosa don’t have bad fats, cholesterol, or saturated fats provided idli is cooked most simply. The readymade batter has handpicked ingredients and one doesn’t need to worry about the preservative part too. It has dietary fiber which makes it very easy to digest. Without giving the feeling of bloated, Idli gives the energy to our body to function for hours.

Chefs, homemakers, or food lovers praise consuming Idli and dosa because there is always the free hand of implying multiple variations like vegetables, cheese, or butter In Idli or dosa, many people also prefer adding up oats, almonds, and other nuts to make it a more healthy meal. In times of pandemic when you are not able to step out of your homes, ordering Idli and dosa batter through an online batterstore is considered the most preferred choice. The delivery is done right at the doorsteps. To ensure the longevity of this batter it is important to preserve it cool place and use it before the date of expiry. Earlier this south Indian meal was only considered in breakfast but now due to lighter meal requirements, Idli and dosa could be consumed at any time of day or night. To get the readymade batter you will not need to pinch your pockets harder as the same could be availed to you at feasible prices. Compared to all other fried foods, they are the healthiest choices.

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