why adai dosa is the perfect pick for your diet
  April 29, 2021

Food choices help us to make our bodies function properly. India is a land where you get distinctive aroma and flavors. With so many options available mind often gets baffled about what to eat? Adai dosa is turning out to be a new favorite. Make Adai batter is made out of the alluring combination of rice and dals which is very healthy.

Like the normal dosa even in the Adai dosa soaking and grinding part is compulsory. It is important to know the right proportion. To save your day and making the cooking of Adai dosa simple, the ready-made batter is coming to our quick help. The prime benefit of Adai dosa is that without giving any gas or bloated feel this dosa is filling. As there is a combination of multiple dals, the goodness of Adai dosa is note-worthy. It is safe to consume for all ages. There are multiple ways on how Adai dosa is served. This favorite south Indian snack is served with coconut chutney, peanut Chutney, or tomato chutney.

Compared to the normal dosa, you will feel that dosa is a little bit spicy. It is highly nutritious you will feel like consuming this dosa again and again. According to taste preferences, you could decide for its consistency whether you want to go for thick or thin dosa.

The readymade batter will make your cooking Adai dosa most simple. After dosa is ready to consume you could top up lots of butter and cheese. It is generally a variation to the traditional dosa. The wholesome goodness cannot be missed.

Gone those days wherein you had to step out of the house to buy Adai Dosa Batter. The availability of batter throughout the online store and delivery right at a time will save your day. Keeping in mind the hygiene standards, the readymade batter has handpicked ingredients and is made with all parameters. It doesn’t have bad cholesterol thus this snack is heart-friendly. The Adai batter ingredients have the goodness of toor dal, urad dal, chana dal, and rice make this delicacy a perfect one. Even if you have last-minute guests at home, Adai dosa can be considered out to be the perfect snack to offer to your guests. Adai dosa recipe is simple and you could tuck up a lot of vegetables in it and as per your taste buds.

It is easy to add upon lot of variations this recipe is even welcomed by chefs all around the world. This delicacy has its own charm and makes it easy to try out something new when it comes to topping. Having the batter in the fridge makes the cooking job very much easy and delighting. You can enjoy this meal even with tomato ketchup or cheese dips. This is the quickest way to solve your hunger pangs too and give your taste buds an interesting meal. Making dosa is simple with Adai Dosa batter.

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