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I was always in awe of how my mother and my Grandmother whipped up the dosa batters with ease. Being born in a south Indian GSB (Gaud Saraswat Brahmin) family from a small coastal town of kumta, Karnataka, the love for dosas and idli is in my blood. I learned the technique of making dosas and idli from my Mom and my beloved grandmother. The love for cooking also was passed on to me from my grandmother who used to make elaborate meals everyday for a family of 6-7 people.

My grandmother always made dosas of many different types such as regular rice dosa, idli, uthapam, ragi idli, ragi dosa, neer Dosa, Appams, sweet dosa, god pole which were a staple in our household. Since the focus was always on organic and healthy eating I was brought up in an environment where I am today focusing only on healthy and organic food for myself and my Family.

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After getting married to a Maharashtrian family was Dosas and Idli very rare, my husband craved for dosas. Since I was an expert, he became my food critic and he also gave me thumbs up for my recipes. Now since, my husband and my daughter have been loving my recipes to the core, I wish to please and spread my love to all the food lovers with my grandmother’s and my Mother’s secret batter. I wish to spread the message of healthy and organic homemade food. My recipes are very unique, passed down to me by my ancestors and want to carry forward them to pass it to my valuable customers.

At batterstore you will have the choices of a number of dosa batter varieties along with Sambhar podi as well. Our batters are filled with lots of nutrition and hidden super foods that boosts your health and gives overall nourishment. The ingredients used in the making of the Dosa batter differs as we are selling a variety of dosas, though the selection is not very vast but we will be adding up more and more varieties in the time to come. We ensure that all our ingredients are fresh and sourced directly from the farmer/distributors which are thoroughly checked before we process them into the batter. The process of making Dosa/ idli batter is extremely hygienic and done very systematically with no compromise on quality. The quantities of dal and rice used in exact proportion to meet the desired consistency so that you can get good quality and crispy dosa and pillow soft idlis hot and tasty ready at your breakfast table. We grind the batter a day before and then it is available the very next day early morning at your door step ready to cook hot into your kitchens. We will be adding more into our product line to serve you better and offer our best assortment. Choosing battershop as your batter supplier you are making the healthiest choice for your family where we believe only on nourishment with our organic and quality made batter. Our batter is made traditionally as my Grandma made with no extra preservatives or additives.